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New ProcessRobot minor release - 2017.2.1. 2344



Current Build Version: 2017.2.1. 2344

What’s New:
Added: Permissions on User Roles, for the Web Console of the Control Desk.
Added: Added Permissions on User Libraries folder and Life Cycle management.
Added: Master Key in the Control Desk will not be changed, unless the previous Master Key is known.
Added: Each "Commit" of a Process in Version Control, is now having its own unique name.
Added: Allow Client component to connect with the Server only if they have the same version. If not the user is informed with a relative message.
Improved: Upon running a process after Autologin, the response time to make sure that the machine is on, is now increased.
Improved: The usage of variables in one User Action is allows in another User Action within the same User Library.
Corrected: Hotkey Triggers are now registering correctly on SideBots.
Corrected: Visibility of Control Desk’s Tabs, based on the permissions of a User Role is corrected
Corrected: “Event Log Monitor Trigger” was not working correctly on certain events.
Corrected: The message thrown to a user who was trying to execute a process, while no permission as such was granted, is refined.
Corrected: The message thrown when a process is saved as New, from the Version Control > History is now corrected.
Corrected: The positioning of the Notification Window, when running a process from the Process Designer without debugger, is not corrected and is no longer covering the taskbar.
Corrected: The type of a Variable that was set in an Exception handling from within the action properties was not recognized. This is now corrected to show the default type based on the user’s input.
Corrected: The message thrown when a process is canceled in a SoloBot, is now corrected.

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