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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

WinAutomation is publicly available!


WinAutomation Current Build Version:

What’s New

General New Features

  • "Set expiry date" in Schedule, now includes the time also.
  • The option to provide the Autologin password via a Command Line
  • “Automatic Logging” to log ALL actions and their execution timing in the Logs
  • The ability to get a Screenshot of the monitor(s) and add it in the logs, upon an exception (Set from the Process Properties of from the Exception handling)
  • Additional details of an error, available in the Process Designer and not only through the Console Logs
  • Add a WinAutomation shortcut while installing for easy and quick access
  • Web Automation enhancement with supporting IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
    Note: The term "Robot" which was used for the automated tasks/processes has been replaced by "Process"

Process Designer

  • “Find Usages” for Functions, displaying a list of where each Function is being used for ease of troubleshooting
  • “Sort Images” in the Images Repository by Name or Date for ease of access
  • “Go to Line” Functionality in the Process Designer to enable better troubleshooting in large processes
  • “Text Search” within the Process Designer to search for any text present in the actions, comments or regions
  • Image magnifier tool is now showing in all Image related actions, for more accuracy in Image capturing
  • Mass Function delete. The option to select more than one Functions and delete them all

New Actions

  • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome support for better Web-Automation
  • “Run Excel Macro” New Action in order ton Run an Excel Macro by its name
  • “Execute JavaScript on Web Browser” New Action in order to run JavaScripts on a webpage
  • “Save Excel” New Action, that will help in saving an Excel file without having to close it
  • “Extract PDF Pages to New PDF” New Action, for splitting a PDF file into smaller parts
  • Time Zone added to “Get Current Date and Time” Action
  • Support for OCR with two engines: MODI and Tesseract
  • New conditional actions for decision making “Switch-Case”
  • Supporting Microsoft Exchange with new Email actions

Improvements & Corrections

  • “Wait for Hotkey” action was not throwing an exception if it failed to bind the key in runtime
  • Problem with renaming a Process while using special characters
  • “Event Log Trigger” issue for event id “4625” which was not triggering correctly
  • “Get Files in Folder” action when including Sub-Folders throwing an error
  • Console to remember the size/position/column width and save it correctly when the relevant option is checked in the “Options > General”
  • "Invoke Web Service” action does not return Response and Headers in case of Error code.
  • Action “Read Text from File” was stuck due to special character
  • Action “Paste Cells to Excel Worksheet” was throwing an error message
  • In the Controls’ repository, the Desktop Icons items were not shown correctly
  • Folders Control was not appearing when restoring the layout.
  • Logs not showing the folders upon installing a new version
  • “Get Files in Folder” and “Get Subfolders in Folder” were not erroneous in cases where the root directory itself was denied
  • “Stop Process” action is now stopping the Process even in an exception handle block
  • The ability to delete a folder that contains more than 2000 Process
  • “If Process is late” in a schedule’s option was not working in some cases
  • “Close Excel” action. There were cases where the excel process was still present even after the file was closed
  • The Hotkey for Stopping All Processes was failing to register correctly
  • “Read From Excel” action was throwing an error when reading only one cell’s value using a restricted cell range targeting only that one cell
  • Values of variables defined in the Variables Manager, were not show correctly before running the Process
  • Variables that were set in exception handling were not having their types recognized correctly
  • When using the option “Default Layout” the “Main” Function was not being docked.
  • Exception that was happening when adding control in action Expand/Collapse Tree Node other than a Tree node control
  • When copying action “Drag and Drop Element in Window”, controls were not being copied along
  • Reopening a Process with a variables search filter was only showing the filter's variables
  • If a process name contained any of Windows Invalid file name characters the Process was not starting
  • Improve the way temp files are used from WA when it needed
  • Obfuscation in generated executables for data encryption
  • “Run Process” action, to indicate and find the child Process by its path, then by its guid and then by the same folder
  • Adding a scroll bar in the “Find Usages” results for better navigation.
  • Renaming a Processes Folder, the arrow keys to navigate to a certain letter in the title had no effect.
  • Improved the Options Tab in the WinAutomation Console for better User Experience.
  • WinAutomation is able to access and interact with Java-based applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition).
  • Actions that included Unicode characters, now accept the use of variables without throwing an error.
  • Move mouse to image in selected sub-region now targets the correct image on the screen.
  • Generated executables now accept the use of "Launch Chrome" and "Launch Firefox" actions.
  • Triggers and Schedules operate correctly among multiple users.
  • WinAutomation is now a high-dpi friendly application.