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WinAutomation Runtime Token Changes


Per Exe Token is discontinued from WinAutomation Version 8.0 on.

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Can you expand please.

We have stuck at version 6  (professional) as we cannot afford to purchase tokens for all the EXEs we create (nasty surprise after upgrading to 7)

Are you saying that version 8 professional has returned to the licensing method found in v6?

Or does this mean that only machine level tokens can (and must) be purchased?

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Yes, please elaborate!



Please let me elaborate on the above.

From WinAutomation 8.0 and on, only Per Machine Tokens are available for purchase.

The Per Exe tokens are being discontinued. Although, the already purchased Per Exe tokens, will continue working as expected.

Hi Peter,

can you please specify PRICE for this TOKEN ( Per Machine) ?


Hi Bill,

Please feel free to create an account in the User Area of our website to check your purchase options.



So, if I want to deploy an exe to 20 machines, the price is 399*20= 7980$USD!

Wow, I will search for an alternative to Winautomation...

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Deal killer for me. I'll move on to something else.  

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Just have additional question - are there any costs related to Annual support or is support is free of charge ?


Hello Bill, please feel free to contact our Sales department and they will assist you accordingly.

The email is