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ProcessRobot 2018.1 is here!


ProcessRobot Current Build Version: 2018.1.0.2579

What’s New

General New Features

  • Remote SoloBot Access with View and/or Take Control permissions
  • Video capturing upon exception on a Production Solobot, which can be replayed side by side with the Process Designer as if it was executing in Debug mode
  • Version comparison Tool, for comparing two different versions of the same process. Comparison takes place on the Code, on Controls and Images
  • Introducing New Exchange Email actions
  • Introducing ABBYY FlexiCapture for unstructured data support and ABBYY FineReader for OCR

New Actions

  • "Get Data with ABBY FlexiCapture": Analyzes a list of images based on an ABBYY Flexicapture project.
  • "Create ABBYY OCR Engine": Creates and ABBYY FineReader OCR Engine
  • "Save Excel": Save an excel spreadsheet without having to close it
  • "Extract PDF Pages to New PDF": For extracting certain PDF pages into a new PDF file
  • "Merge PDF": Merges a list of pdf files into a new one
  • "Connect to Exchange Server": Opens a new connection to an Exchange Server
  • "Retrieve Exchange Email Messages": Retrieves email messages from a Specified Exchange Server
  • "Send Exchange Email Message": Creates and sends new email message
  • "Process Exchange Email Messages": Moves, deletes or marks as unread an email message (or a list of emails) retrieved

Corrections and Improvements

  • Time Zone added to “Get Current Date and Time” Action
  • Setting an expiry time also -apart from the date- for Schedules
  • “Run Process” action, to indicate and find the child Process by its path and then by the same folder
  • Review-Production processes are split in different tabs within the Control Desk
  • Renaming a Processes Folder, the arrow keys to navigate to a certain letter in the title had no effect
  • Sidebots and solobots are not be allowed to have the same name
  • Get environment variable retrieved only user and system level variables
  • If a process name contained any of Windows Invalid file name characters the Process was not starting
  • “Wait for Hotkey” action was not throwing an exception if it failed to bind the key in runtime
  • “Split Text” action layout issue fixed
  • Erroneous State was not disappearing after discarding a process
  • File Monitor Trigger issues are now corrected when running on a Solobot
  • Stop Process action should stop the Process even in an exception handle block
  • “Get Files in Folder” action when including Sub-Folders was throwing an error
  • “Get Files in Folder” and “Get Subfolders in Folder” were not erroneous in cases where the root directory itself was denied
  • “Stop Process” action is now stopping the Process even in an exception handle block
  • “Close Excel” action. There were cases where the excel process was still present even after the file was closed
  • “Read From Excel” action was throwing an error when reading only one cell’s value using a restricted cell range targeting only that one cell
  • Exception that was happening when adding control in action “Expand/Collapse Tree Node” other than a Tree node control
  • When copying action “Drag and Drop Element in Window”, controls were not being copied along
  • Reopening a Process with a variables search filter was only showing the filter's variables

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