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New ProcessRobot Build - Version: 2018.1.1.2656


Version: 2018.1.1.2656


  • ProcessRobot is now able to access and interact with Java-based applications

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Parameters in User Actions, now allow spaces in their names 
  • Updating the properties of a Solobot, invalidated the credentials 
  • Renaming a function, displayed an error 
  • Move mouse to image in selected sub-region now targets the correct image on the screen. 
  • ProcessRobot is now a high-dpi friendly application. 
  • Processes used to run twice on the execution target if they were both in Review and Production 
  • User Action Parameters, now accept non-standard characters as well 
  • Tessaract engine, can now successfully be initialized

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