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ProcessRobot - Version Control - Auto Send Email (Upon - Set For Review/Discard)

ProcessRobot - Version Control - New feature to optionally Send Email (Set For Review/Discard).

Benefit:   More efficient than having to send a separate manual email to the Control Desk User(s) that process is ready for their review or back to the Developer that a process was "Discarded".


1. When a process is "Set for Review", an option on the Commit Version - Dialog to Send an Email with the Commit Message Text and Review Text in the email text body to a list 1 or more Control Desk Users - Email address(s), notifying that process name xxxxx in Folder xxxxxx is ready for their review.

2.  Likewise, when a Control Desk User - "Discard's a Process", an option to Send an Email with "the Discard Message Text" - entered by the Control Desk User" back to the specific Developer - Email address that had set the process for review.  Email body text should include a "Discard Message" specifying that this on process xxxxxxx in Folder xxxxxxx.

3.  Developer in Process Studio should be able to optionally choose from a new drop down box on the bottom of the Version Commit Dialog a list of 1 or more existing Control Desk User(s) - Email addresses.

a.  Email addresses should retain for all future version of the process, unless changed to different email addresses or emailing option is removed by the developer on a future version of the same process on the Set for Review - Version Commit Screen.

4. Control Desk User should have option on Dialog Screen to either automatically send a " Discard Email" to the Developer or not.

5. Each Developer may be sending to different Control Desk User's, based on Process under development or the department that they work for.

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of Process Robot.

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