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ProcessRobot - License Utilization - Detailed Usage View for Control Desk - Administrators

ProcessRobot - License Utilization - Detailed Usage View for Control Desk - Administrators.

Feature Request:

An "In-Use License Utilization - View",  for "Control Desk - Administrator - User Role" that will show the User Names of the Users that currently have Opened - Process Studio, Control Desk, DashBoard Designer, DashBoard Viewer and SideBot (logged on to the windows desktop or server instance with SideBot installed there).

Needed for:

1.  For usage by concurrent users, as Control Desk - Administrator needs to know which users are utilizing a component, when it has reached a maximum concurrent license usage count, so as to know which concurrent user to contact to log off of a component, when either of the following occurs"

   -    system upgrading is to occur and used should save their work and close the Component.

   -    When need to request a user to close a component so that another use can open the component (e.g. Studio, Control Desk, etc).

a)  Suggest implementing on Control Desk - Home Tab:  As a button, under each User - License Utilization - Component Graph (i.e. Graph Dashboards off : SideBot, Process Studio, Control Desk, DashBoard Designer, DashBoard Viewer), on the Control Desk - Home Tab. 

     (1)  Button would only appear for Control Desk - Admin. Role.

     (2)  When Button is pressed a dialog pane would open listing the User Names that have the component open.

2.  Beneficial to also add -  the supplemental option of below:  (in the dialog pane that opens with lsit od Users that have the component open):

     (1)  Ability to "Send a Message" to appear on User's Desktop, as Message PopUp Box to both:

           (a)  individual and (b) all users with a component open - stating "that users need to close their component in xx minutes, for system maintenance by the Control Desk Administrator".

   (2) Option for Control _desk Administrator to press a button to cause all User component's  to be closed  (namely, SideBot, Process Studio, "other User's - Opened Control Desk:, DahsBoard Designer, DashBoard Viewer).

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of Process Robot.

I do need the same functionality. Any news on the matter ?

Is this going anywhere?

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