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ProcessRobot Version

When you save and commit to a new version of an automation, the version drop down window is not in any type of order. It would be beneficial if the application had the current version at the top of the screen or the list in an descending sort order.  

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Absolutely. Current presentation does not make much sense :)


Hello Raymond, Henrik, 

Any new version that is being created is being displayed at the top of the Version Control window.

Additionally, you can further sort the rows by clicking on the corresponding column names.

If that is not the case in your situation, could you share a screenshot with us, so that we can check the issue?


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Hello Raymond, you are totally correct!

Our developers are currently fixing this issue.

It will be resolved in our next release.

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Is there a date for the next release?


Hello Raymond! 

In general, we have a major release once a year and several minor releases in between.

We do not have an estimation yet about the next release, but in will be announced in the Announcements section of the portal.


Hi Raymond, this is bug is fixed in 2018.1.2. Thank you for sharing!

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