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Web Automation Using Firefox: How Can It Be Done?

 Hello Team, good day.

I am trying to run some web automation using Firefox, I've already installed the add-ons and performed the configuration on the help page for FFox and Chrome.

Seems it does not work on FireFox, or at least I am missing something. On IE it works perfectly as I've created a few robots already but when I try on Firefox, none of the Web commands seem to work.

I am sing my company's intranet to automate a few processes, not sure if that could be the reason, but on IE, I was able to automate and implement perfectly, I am just trying to replicate the same code to Firefox.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Gabriel!

Thank you for getting in contact with us.

Please note that the specific forum category is related to feature requests.

Since this question is error related, please create a new ticket and provide us with additional information.

Thank you and best regards!

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