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Retrieve ---Read--- Email Messages

I am working on a process where I want to move all the read emails to another mail folder. I can't really find a solution on how to do this. Maybe another Retrieve option would be possible in the future?


1.  Retrieve - All emails (do Not mark read) into %Retrieved_All_Emails%

2.  Retrieve - Un-Read emails (do Not mark read) into %Retrieved_Unread_Emails%

3.  Subtract Lists action - List 1 --->  %Retrieved_All_Emails%  From List 2  --->  %Retrieved_Unread_Emails%,  Resulting in Differences List  --->  %Read_Emails%

4. Process Emails Action -  for emails list variable   %Read_Emails%

    - option to move this list of emails to a different email folder

Thank you for the suggestion, Joseph.

I had the same idea myself, but this is the error that comes... I have no idea why it complains about Outlook Instance, the variables are entered correct :/


....  Are you sure you set it as below ?

Process Email Actions in Outlook -  Should be set as below:

Outlook Instance:   %OutlookInstance"     ....... The same variable name, as used on the Retrieve Emails From Outlook Action.

Email Messages to Process:  %Read_Emails%

There is not a Process action yet :/

Super weird how the Subtract Lists action expects an Outlook Instance .......


This is a question for softomotive support to answer.  Perhaps, the subtract action does not work on mail messages, after all.

Yes, I think that is exactly the case :)

Hello all,

Thank you for your suggestion and your contribution to this discussion. Please note that we will forward your request to the appropriate department to be taken under consideration for future releases.

Additionally, the subtract lists action as you pointed out, does not work with email messages, due to the nature of the items in the list generated by the retrieve action.

However, please feel free to review the attached process that demonstrates how you could move the read emails only to an outlook folder.


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