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Transfer Word document Tables to Excel


One or more tables contained in an Word document, can be transferred to an Excel file, using VBScript.


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Microsoft Word: Cannot access individual rows in this collection because the table has vertically merged cells


The above error is produced because of the merged cells.

The following Process can overcome this issue (the error) and manipulate the merged cells as well.

However note the following:

1)The Excel will NOT have any merged cells

2)If the cell merging of Word was vertical then the top cell in Excel will get the value and the bellow cells will be empty

3)If the cell merging of Word was horizontal then the far most left cell in Excel will get the value and the following cells on the right will take the values of cells that were right of the merged cells.

As a result it can be very useful if your table has only vertical merged cells but it can be a bit confusing if it has horizontal merged cells as well.

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