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Download an image with Direct Web Access


This Process uses the "Invoke Web Service" and "Download From Web" Actions in order to download an image file from and save it on the desktop.



Hello Supratman Widoyoko,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding the task that you wish to automate, please feel free to check the API documentation of the web service that you would like to invoke.

There, you will find all the appropriate parameters that need to be entered into the "Headers" and "Body" field of the "Invoke Web Service" Action.

Hi Aristos Kavaliaratos,

Can you provide an example for that ?


Hello Supratman Widoyoko,

Thank you kindly for your comment.

Please note that a file can indeed be uploaded via the "Invoke Web Service" Action by choosing the "POST" method and configuring the "Request Body" of your API of choice accordingly.

What about upload file to some API using "Invoke Web Service"

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