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Close Notification Popup Window


The Notification Popup Window that is being displayed when a Process is running, can be closed from within the Process.

In WinAutomation, there is the option to globally disable all notification popups through:

WinAutomation Console > Options > Settings > Display Notification Popup Window

However, a specific Process can close its own notification window, should you implement the code of the attached Process at the beginning of your code.


Why there is no option for that in process robot ?

Instead applying code to each process, it would be better if we have that option in process robot.

Display notification Popup WIndow in Process Properties, so we can easily turn off/on for individual process only from control desk.


Hello Supratman,

There is indeed no option to do the same in ProcessRobot. You can, however, implement the code attached above.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have forwarded your request to product and it will be considered for future implementation.

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Any news?

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