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Data Grid

I would like to see a data grid as an option for Custom Dialog.  It would useful to allow users to see data laid out in an organized manner.  

As it stands now I have to prompt users using input boxes and dropdowns to lead them to the data they are searching for and then I can display the results using the radio buttons tied to results.  

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Hello Brad.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Please share with us a screenshot of how you would like the Custom Dialog to look like as an option and how the user would handle these options as an input. 
We are looking forward to your feedback in order to have a better overview of your idea.

What I have envisioned is the ability to display a data table variable into a grid.  The user would be able to 1) consume the data reported back (I use WinAutomation to interact with a database quite a bit).  2) the user could edit the data in the data grid and push the changes back to the database.  

For example, I have a process that downloads reports from a web portal.  WA logs into the site.  It navigates to the proper page in the site.  It then submits the report to process and waits for the report to come back and it downloads said report.  I log the progress in a database.  I would like to report the results to a user.  If there is an error downloading one of the reports I record it as an error in the database.  I would like for the user to be able to edit the status field for the report from ERROR to RETRY or some such and then push the results back to the database.  

I deal with data and database almost exclusively.  Once the database is built and the processes are in place to manage the data (which I use WA for and let me tell you, it has been a great experience.  I cannot explain how much it does for us), we move in to a maintenance mode for that project.  The main touch points for us at this point are custom coding/mapping of mapping/attribution tables.  Right now I pull and extract from the database and throw it in a spreadsheet and send that to an analyst.  They update the spreadsheet with any changes and send it back to me.  I then import the spreadsheet to a staging table in the database and do whatever I need to do with that data from that point.  It would be nice if I could create a custom dialog to allow the user to select a table for updating the mapping/attribution from a drop down, click a button, and be presented with a datagrid they can edit, and click a button to submit those changes.  

I have attached a screenshot of the report downloading logs as an example.  

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions/comments/concerns.

If you are able to somehow find a way to enable this, my world will be complete...  well, maybe not my world, but you would make a lot of people I work with very happy!

 Hello Brad.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of Process Robot and WinAutomation.

Regarding this issue, please note that if you try to display the DataTable variable in a Display action, it will be displayed as a csv format. Then you can use 2 input fields that will indicate the row and the column of the cell you want to change and one more input field to add the new value. This can be a more useful option you can try which i believe will accelerate your processing. For more accuracy you can add a button which displays the old value of the cell that the user picked, so he will be sure he will not make any mistake and edit the wrong cell.

I hope the above helps you improve your processes.

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