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Search option when inserting a variable

When using the "insert a variable" option under any function, the pop up box shows the list of all variables, but there is no search box present. So if I have a large number of variables, I need to scroll up/down and locate the variable I want to use. It will be great to have either of the following options implemented in the future release:

Include a search box where the user can input the desired variable name.

Or, (and a much easier approach) would be to allow the user to click on the first variable and then type the first letter of the desired variable so that the control moves to the variables starting with that letter. For example, if I am looking for variable "Test", I should have the ability to press T, so that the control in the box goes to the variables starting with T.

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Hello Sumit, 

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that your suggestions will be taken into consideration for future releases of Process Robot and WinAutomation.

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Yes, definitely

This is a  feature that we must have.

Imagine if you have 1000 variables ?


Supratman, this will be indeed included in one of the next releases. 

However, for now I guess you already know that you can type the percentage sign and the letters that your variable starts with, and it will be highlighted. For example to go to %MyVar%, just type %M an the first variable starting with 'M' will be selected.  The fact that they are in alphabetical order really helps to narrow down the variables even if they are 1000. Of course, a search would make life even easier, but for now this has saved me lots of manual searching time.


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If you could put this feature, it will save our time a lot.


Thank you for considering this request and sharing the % trick. I was not aware of it.

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