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Preview/Edit Database table with custom dialog


This Process shows a preview of a selected database table through a custom dialog.

The user can also modify a table's value.

*Note: The table can be also an Excel worksheet (the "$" sign should be used at the end of the worksheet's name).



This would be a great tool for me, however, I can't make it work.

Could you please provide an excel file which runs along with this job or, make the job run for Excel ?


A. R.


Hello Alan,

Please note that the default connection string that is generated for the excel connection requires the Microsoft OLE DB.12.0 provider which is included in the following download setup:

However note that you can create and use any other valid connection string.

The action 'Open SQL Connection' has a build-in tool to create a connection string, which can be used in the custom dialog.


Also note that you must set the correct name of a column to be treated as a primary key in order for the Process to work.

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