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Console "Error Handling" to include failed activation of Processes

Sometime when our servers restart, our firm's group policy overrides the servers local policy to enable Ctrl+Alt+Delete (CAD). Now whenever this happens, since WA requires CAD to be disabled for bots to execute without the user being logged in, none of our bots start. The error ranges from "Activation of Process 'abc' was aborted" to "Process was granted permission to run but didn't return its status....".

This has caused a lot of frustration on the user side and the tech side. I think the "Error Handling" option on the console should include an option to send an email if the process is not activated due to any reason. Since that log is getting written without the user being logged in, I am assuming WA will also have the ability to send the email via SMTP to alert the user. It will great if this can be prioritized and implemented in the next release.

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Hello Sumit,

Thank you kindly for your feedback.

Please note that your suggestion has been forwarded and will be taken into account for future releases of WinAutomation.

That's a really great idea. I expect that the robots conclude their task successfully, but sometimes if anything goes wrong I don't even notice until it's too late.

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