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Using external dll library in a process

It would be  better if we can access a .net dll external assembly directly from inside process studio action, instead using power shell.

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Hello Supratman,

Thank you for your suggestions.

May I ask why do you think that this would be useful? Do you have a use case in mind?

Feel free to elaborate.

Sometimes i am creating a custom function inside a dll, or if we want to use already made dll for specific purpose ex :

It is complicated if we access it using powershell.


Hello Supratman,

Thank you for the information.

Could you please be more specific? Have you created a script that you run through ProcessRobot/WinAutomation? 

In which language? and how do you run it through our product?


A simple dll in c#.

I run it using power shell.


Thanks Supratman!

I have forwarded your request.

Sample power shell code that i use


$action = new-object Class.Methods

$action.function($Mailserver,$Userid,$UserPassword,$Mailfolder,$Fromcontain, $Clientname)

I'm also very interested in this feature.

@Supratman: Have you found a nice way to get returned (.net) objects into winautomation variables.

For future reference, my powershell script looks like this:


# "> null" prevents console output
[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile("C:\temp\custom.dll") > null
# The returned objects is much bigger than needed, I'll only select a few properties from each object in the list
[Namespace.CustomDll.ClasseName]::StaticMethodThatReturnsAnIEnumrable() | select -Property ReturnObjectProperty1,ReturnObjectProperty2 | ConvertTo-Json

Afterwards I use a "Create object from json"-action on the entire powershell output. This gives me a list with elements that each has the selected properties.

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