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Ability for Execution of Start Process Action in Designer

Requesting feature enhancement to at least allow a process with Start Process actions to be able to execute those Start Process Actions in Designer both in interactive debugging step action mode and when choosing "run without debugging.

Need at least for Start Actions to execute when using "run without debugging" as need to test while in sys dev mode at developer's desktop, before need of promote to review stage. ( if to achive this new feature a robot is needed for the start process functionality, then allow run from designer to Start Process on developer's Sidebot robot).

Process being stepped thru interactive debugging needs start process to at least execute so its functionality is executed during main process that has it embedded within its logic

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Benefit need ....

...... as when debugging a main process you need Start Process to do its execution (although you do *not* need to debug it) because you need it to do its functionality, while debugging main process that starts the start process.

An example:   Is a Helper  - Start process that closes a window that occur sometimes in different spots throughout a process script.  You need to test this during the Development Stage, by the Developer, before it is moved to the Review stage for QA Test on QA Solobot.

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