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NEW PROCESSROBOT BUILD - Version: 2018.1.2.2857



Version: 2018.1.2.2857

Checksum ProcessRobot Server & Client Tools (SHA3-512): dfa41f729c2bec2a753506e2a9063adfdb3ec645e849247debe0810838c451cd795d566eefff49ca2e05d88cf0a4447b939afc9d7d4d4e12826e049489653b36

Checksum ProcessRobot Server & Client Tools msi (SHA3-512): 72fd2404ac4ac314a6929a0a5ef681ee7404fa46586436caafdf5c8baa3987da3b6d0159e156e02d6cc06b6612f95de253f7f7518ef1776051092f04fcbe8010

Checksum ProcessRobot Web Console (SHA3-512): 



  • Enhancements for large scale installations to better support High Availability and Disaster Recovery implementations. 
  • "Run Python Script": This Action allows the User to run a custom Python script in a Process. 
  • Log screenshots table can be optimized to store images externally via FILESTREAM and thus reduce the database size. 
  • Ability to store Logs in a separate, dedicated database. 
  • ProcessRobot is now able to access and interact with SAP. 
  • Pop-window prompting User to confirm when deleting Triggers or Scheduler. 
  • "Run Without Debugger" functionality added to "Start from Here" option in the Process Designer. 
  • Option to select a Server when using the Microsoft Cognitive Services. 
  • Tesseract Updated to .net 4.5 release.

Corrections and Improvements: 

  • Improved DPI-Awareness and High Scalability. 
  • "Send Keys" Action now includes NumPad "Enter" key. 
  • Option to search for Functions in the Process Designer. 
  • Improved interaction with Excel files in 32-bit installations. 
  • Importing processes with the "Display Select File Dialog' Action from WinAutomation returned an error. 
  • Processes can now be stopped from the Web Consoles' Monitor tab.

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