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How to get the HyperLinks of a webpage with Web Automation?

Hello, im looking to find a way to extract the hyperlinks of a webpage , they are located in a Table in the page its extracting successfully the table but only with the names of the columns its not extracting the hyperlink under the name.Is there a way to do that? 

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Hi Ivelin,

Extracting a hyperlink from a web page is possible, and the way to do it depends on which action you are using to extracting the data.

If you are using "Get Details of Element in Web Page", go to the Advanced tab and select "href" as the attribute you wish to extract.

If you are using "Extract Data from Web Page", simply select "href" when designating elements for extraction.

Generally speaking, hyperlinks are usually found in HTML code within <a> tags, with the link address contained in the "href" property.

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