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Archive and delete previous versions of Processes

Over time Processes can grow quite large or have quite a few versions.  the ability to archive and even delete previous versions through the history with confirmation would be great to reduce db size.

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Also, feel that this is a very needed feature to have for reducing size of the ProcessRobot - Database, as opposed to the database constantly growing in size.  

Archiving older process - Versions (perhaps could be a control desk settings of:  "older than  XX versions then archive as flat files format to a folder, with XX to be set by the control desk user role)  

  -  With an Option to Re-Import back into ProcessRobot - Database should the need arise, would be a great feature to have.


Thank you for your feature suggestions. 


Please note that they have been forwarded to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of ProcessRobot.

Also note what you can do now:

-Open the History of a Process through Process Studio

-Right click on the version you want to keep in your DB and click on 'Save as New Process'

-Replace the old Process with the new in case of Production.

-Export your old Process into a prp file

-Delete your old Process from the Process Studio (you need to discard the old Process from Production before deleting it)

Note that the prp file has all versions saved and all lifecycle history in case you want to restore it.

This is an easy way to archive your rich-version Processes at the moment.

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