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Cannot stop process


i use WA5; in the console i have a job with a schedule trigger hourly-based.

It often happens that the job doesn't stop, neither gives errors or response. Clicking "Stop job" button is useless, either closing and re-launching the application or killing it via task manager. The "stop job" button simply remains clickable and the next trigger-launched job gives the error "cannot send mouse click in non-interactive mode".

It is even possible that I made a mistake, blocking the job in an endless loop "label - if error occurs", if you get what I mean; still the job should stop when the button is pressed, right?

Is there anybody who can help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot


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Hello Elio,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please note that WA5 is a very old version of WinAutomation. The latest one is WA8 which is much more stable, with a lot of resolved bugs and many more new features.

I strongly suggest that you consider upgrading to the latest one.

Feel free to login to the User Area of our web site, to check you upgrade options.

Thank you!

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