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Include option in Robot Concurrency Policy to allow more than one process to run at the same time, but no more than one instance of the same process

For processes that use an account, to log into a website, it is not possible for more than one instance of the process to run at the same time (the second instance would log out the first instance).  To accommodate this limitation, it should be possible to allow more than on process to run on a robot, but no more than 1 of each type of process.

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This is definitely needed, we ask a few questions when developing a bot related to a specific webpage.

1. Can we login multiple times on the same machine - Great!  multiple concurrent processes on multiple bots

2. Can we only log in once but can login from different machines - Ok! I can limit the process to 1 but still run on all the bots I have running

3.  If i'm logged in on one will it log me out of other machines.  -  Currently have to use region lock but this is not a great option for this scenario.  Would like to set the process concurrency to 1 and total instances allowed to run to 1 so it can still run in a pool easily.

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Hello Karl, thank you for your suggestion.

The concurrency of a Process is process-related and is configurable from the Processes properties.

You can limit the number of Process Instances that can run per Robot to 1. This would allow to run other different Processes concurrently.

In case you want to limit them in more than one Robot, then you would have to use the 'Lock region' feature and use 'Locker Name' for global locking or 'Locker Name + Robot's Environment' for a group of Robots.

Hello Emmanuel,

I am not sure, by " implemented tag", you meant implemented by using a Region Lock or you meant that an option will be implemented on the Control Desk - Process Tabs ?

.....  I also agree and concur with both Joe Long and Karl that it will be much more direct to instead of using a Lock Region, it will be very productive and useful to have the below more direct approach:

---   New Feature:   Check box feature on Control Desk - Process Concurrency Tab to "Limit to 1 process Instance across "All- Robots of a Resource Pool"  ..... when process is started or scheduled to run on a Resource Pool of Robots.

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Hello Joseph, 

Thank you for your suggestion. 

The "implemented tag" applies to the request as described originally in this post, and explained that the limitation is process-related and is configurable in the process properties and not in the robot properties.

So for example: You want to run 5 different processes in a Robot and you want to limit any of them to not run more than once concurrently. 

The initial request is to have a 'Robot property' to queue Processes that are already running.

The implemented feature is that you have to apply the concurrency policy in each of the 5 Processes.

Please note that we cannot mark each of the replies of the post and each separate request described in one post, but be sure that your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of ProcessRobot.

Thanks !, for forwarding for consideration
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