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how create global variables ?

How to create global variables to use in new processes?

Control Desk > Settings > Global Variables ✌


Hello Bradon,

There no direct way to do that inside WinAutomation. What we can do (since there are a lot of variables that need to be used in more than 1 jobs) is the following approach. 

I have created a folder named "WinAutomationJobs" in my desktop folder, and I keep all the files needed or produced by WinAutomation in subfolders of this folder. This way I have everything organized and know exactly where every job’s resources reside.

Inside this folder there is a subfolder called resources and a text file called GlobalVars.txt in it.

I have attached a sample job that retrieves a specific global variable from the text file (sample also attached).

I hope that you get the whole idea behind this implementation that I proposed 

You can define more than one "global variables" in the text file using the $variableName notation and then use them in your job by assigning it to a normal job variable (i.e. %GlobalVariableName%).

This way you can have literally hundreds of variables defined in your text file and use as many of them as you like in any job depending on your needs.

Thank You!

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