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Recaptcha Support

I was reading this thread on "how to handle captchas"

It says you can solve captchas using thirds party captcha solvers.
All you need to do is use UI/Windows to automate it.

There are no examples of how this would be done exactly.
Would it be possible to get an example of how to solve recaptcha using a third-party service such as 2captcha?

Feel free to use this captcha for reference


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Still need this...

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Hello Alec, 

In case the captcha solver is a deskop application, then you can use the UI/Windows Actions to automate the app.

You need to Add the controls of the elements of the application to the Controls Repository and then use the aforementioned group of actions to manipulate the elements accordingly.

For example, in case you want to check a checkbox, you would need to use the "Set checkbox state in window" Action.

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