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Process Studio - User Library Folder Security (Role-based) - Multi-Tenancy of User Library - User Action Development

Feature Request:  Process Studio - User Library Folder Security (Role-based) - Equivalent to Process Folder Security

1.  We work with different Teams (equivalent to Departmental Teams of Developers) and we need to ensure that one team can not delete or edit the reusable library - User Actions created by another team.

2.  In addition, to item 1 above which is the most important, it will also be beneficial to have in conjunction with this, also to have as an option - role based - Folder list of User Actions that show up in Process Studio Designer for the Developer to choose (as you many not want 1 team to even use the User  Actions created in the User Library folder- created by another team.

If the feature of User-Library Folder Security (Role-based folder level security) was added equivalent to existing Process Folder Security, then this will solve our need and provide full Multi-tenancy security for Process Studio development and usage.

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you kindly for your post.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of ProcessRobot.

P.S.  In summary, this will allow for Developers of "different" teams to have role permission access to only access a Library Folder created for their Team (their team's developers)  or only have role based access to a library folder created for each project.

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