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Need to be able to enter downtime windows for Bots

Each VM that our Solobots run on automatically restarts weekly at a certain date/time for maintenance purposes (OS updates, etc.)  If a process is running during this time, it will not be interrupted when the VM restarts and this can result in a painful dilemma: did the process successfully complete its task or not?

There needs to be an option available, for each bot, to allow entry of a window (e.g. Sundays between 1:00AM-2:00AM) when it will not start a new process that is in its queue.  We could then schedule this for enough time before the scheduled restart for any running process to finish.  Once the time enters the window, the Solobot will simply not start work on any processes in its queue (but it will continue to accept new processes to its queue).  After the window has elapsed, it will simply begin work on processes in its queue.

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Thank you for your feature suggestion. 


Please note that they have been forwarded to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of ProcessRobot.

Also note, that this can now be achieved with a scheduled process that includes an SQL update statement in the ProcessRobot Database.

You can change the status of the Robot from enabled to disabled, so no processes will be able to run. Then after the downtime has elapses, fire the opposite update process to enable the Robot.

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