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How to Add controls for Dynamic SAP Windows with different "Titles"

Sending clicks to a specific buttons or boxes on dynamic window (changing Titles). SAP Window layout with the buttons is the same every time.

Example Process 

Opening Up different Purchase Orders in SAP

    - New window opens with same layout and button order. But the SAP Window Title will change i.e. "Standard PO 12345678 Created By bob.

Where the 1234... is dynamic and keeps changing to the last opened PO Number. 

Lets say...Click on element in Window. i.e. Click on "Display" (button 4) will fail because the previously "Added Control" was for Standard PO 12345678 Created By bob. Current SAP Window title is "Standard PO 87654321 Created By bob." 


I believe that the controls or windows can be renamed from the control repository. But to be honest, I'm also struggling quite a bit with the controls.


A work around I used was image recognition and just capturing controls (i.e. buttons or etc). Its not the most robust solution but gets the job done.


Hi all,

Please note that you can modify the selectors of the captured elements to not look for specific names.

First, locate the control in the "Controls Repository" of your process and double click or Right click > Manage Selectors.

Then, select the "Edit" option on the selector you wish to modify.

In the "Visual Selector Builder", locate the attribute which value might change and use the "Contains" operation while modifying the "Value" field accordingly.

In your specific use case, you could use the "Contains" operation and search for value "Standard PO".

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