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Need to be able to determine which robot a process is running on

Under ProcessRobot Actions, I need a "Get Environment" or "Get Robot Information" action to determine the name of the robot (Solobot, Sidebot) that the process is running on.  I need to be able to track where processes are being run for QA, etc. purposes.

Hi Karl,

You can do this currently as follows:

 Control Desk


1.  Settings, Environment

Create 2 names. ... "QA_Solobot1"  "PROD_Solobot2"

2. Settings, SoloBots, Edit

A. Solobot1 ... Give it Environment Name "QA_Solobot1"

B.  Solobot2 .... Environment Name PROD_Solobot2"

3. Settings, Global Variables

Variable Name:


   Assign Environment name and value to above variable, as below:

Variable:  ProcessIsRunning associated  with:

Environment Name

QA_Solobot1.              - Value "QA_Solobot1"

Prod_Solobot1 -----  Value "PROD_Solobot1"


In Process Studio

Get Global Variable ProcessIsRunning

.... This variable will have  the above value that corresponds to the Solobot (or sidebot) Robot that the process is actullay running on.

.... Let me know if this achieve what your after.

Have a happy thanksgiving.


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P.S. If you do not need to know the specific solobot (or sidebot) name and only need to know whether it is a QA or a PROD robot, then just change the above Value clauses to simply the literal "QA" or "PROD".

Thank you Joseph!

Your welcome and also .... 
Correcting my "Typo", the above should have read as below .... 

Environment Name

QA_Solobot1.              - Value "QA_Solobot1"

Prod_Solobot2 -----  Value "PROD_Solobot2"

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