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Pause or Stop the execution of a Process if other (specific) Processes are running


The attached Process can be used as a function in the beginning of any other Process. It will read your WA Process Database and prompt the user to select some Processes. In case any of the selected Processes is currently running, the Process will either pause,until none of the selected Processes is running, or stop (depending on which actions we have enabled/disabled).



My requiremnet is queue the process if any other Winautomation process is running. How can I achieve this?



There is no way to queue a Process in WinAutomation after a different Process, but only after another instance of the same Process.

As a workaround you can "pause" it as described in the shared Process until the other Processes have stopped.

You can modify the script to include all other Processes, except itself. 


Also, you will have to replace the above logic or include 'locked regions' in case you want to do the same with multiple processes.

In WinAutomation 9 Now its possible.

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