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Excel Color Cells

If possible, it would be very nice with the possibility to color cells directly through a ProcessRobot/WinAutomation actions.

Right now it takes several UI actions to change the color (for example: red for a bad value, and green for a good value) and this can take a long time in a spreadsheet with hundreds of rows.

I have encountered these process steps in several projects now. People generally like indicator colors in their end product Excel Sheets.


Hello Henrik,

While the Excel file is open, feel free to use the "Run VBScript" Action and run the following code:

Set objExcel = GetObject("%Excel%").Application
objExcel.Application.Visible = True

Set objSheet = objExcel.Sheets("%Worksheet%")

objSheet.Range("A1:A1").Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 40

%Excel% is the Excel file path

%Worksheet% is the name of the worksheet

ColorIndex is the color number. Feel free to check the available numbers on the internet.

Thanks, that's great info! 


You are welcome Henrik!

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