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Excel Color Cells

If possible, it would be very nice with the possibility to color cells directly through a ProcessRobot/WinAutomation actions.

Right now it takes several UI actions to change the color (for example: red for a bad value, and green for a good value) and this can take a long time in a spreadsheet with hundreds of rows.

I have encountered these process steps in several projects now. People generally like indicator colors in their end product Excel Sheets.

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Hello Henrik,

While the Excel file is open, feel free to use the "Run VBScript" Action and run the following code:

Set objExcel = GetObject("%Excel%").Application
objExcel.Application.Visible = True

Set objSheet = objExcel.Sheets("%Worksheet%")

objSheet.Range("A1:A1").Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 40

%Excel% is the Excel file path

%Worksheet% is the name of the worksheet

ColorIndex is the color number. Feel free to check the available numbers on the internet.

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Thanks, that's great info! 


You are welcome Henrik!

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