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Convert the design of a Process to hmtl file


This is a way to export the process flow of a WinAutomation process to HTML which is a printable format for documentation purposes.



Do you have an example on how to do this with ProcessRobot?


Hello Henrik, 

Regarding your inquiry, please note that you need to replace the SQLite queries with SQL queries in the PR Database.

PR Database has some similarities with the Processes.dat file of WA, but some things need to change. Also the Process structure is the same so the text parsing after extracting the code do not need to change.

You can study the structure of PR Database by using the SSMS and preview all the table and information stored in there. 

You can find this way which tables you need to parse and which columns to extract.

Note that a major difference between WA and PR is the "version" column that will be required, since for each Process that you have saved many different versions can exists, hence different Process designs that are saved there to be converted.

Kindly consider sharing a sample Process in case you get involved with this.

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