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Bypass Captchas

Hello everyone, as the title says, is there any method that we could solve or bypass those new captchas?. Thank you.



Hello Paul.

Regarding solving Captchas of this kind, please note that there is not any automated build-in tool in WA or PR. 

You can consider:

-using 3-rd party captcha solving software implemented in your Process.

-make your Process attended by a user to solve it.

Hello Paul, I wrote a simple tutorial to understand how to solve recapchas using a 3rd party service.

My blog is in spanish, but I thing you will get a good understanding:


I hope you like it.

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Hi Roberto,

Thank you very much! I'm always looking forward to your blog posts about WinAutomation, and this one is my favourite!

One question, is the HTTP Master tool required for this? Or is there another way we can access the data?

In any case, thanks a lot!

Hello Lon, thanks for your words!

HTTP Master is not a requisite, you can do all the requests manually copy/pasting the correct URLs each time just for testing the api.

I like to test before and when all is working, go with the bot scripting.

For testing you can use some text editor / notepad and create the correct path each time.

Just grab the url and insert the returned strings/json values from the prior step in the url. Its slower but it works.

The tool helps a bit to create all the steps and concatenate the correct URL, and the author is very accesible, it helps to document and to keep some projects saved to disk.

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