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Send Mouse Click to UI Element


The attached Process demonstrates a way to send a Mouse Click (Left Click, Right Click etc) by using the "Location and Size" attribute within the "Get Details of Element in Window" Action.

Please note that the coordinates which are used in the "Send Mouse Click" Action are relative to the Screen.

The Process has been exported from WinAutomation Basic.


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I am trying this out, and I find the coordinates of the element (for one element, but not another element), and I can see the mouse move to that location when I'm trying to do a "Send Mouse Click".  BUT, the mouse click doesn't work.  Is there some reason why a "Send Mouse Click" would NOT send a mouse click?  I can manually move the mouse and do a left-click and it works.  So, would think a "Send Mouse Click" would work.  The "Send Mouse Click" seems to work on every other page of the web site I'm attempting to automate.  

Also, it will find one element; but it will not detect another element that is one the same page.  Yes, I can capture that element with the "Add Control" button, and see it in the "Controls Repository".

Unfortunately, this is a private web site, so I cannot provide access to it for diagnosis.

Good Solution. Thanks

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