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ADD CONTROL: Empty selector/control

Hi Everyone!!!

I am having a weird and annoying problem, when I add a control through "Add Control" button I get a empty version, that doesn't work. The weird and annoying part is that only occurs in my machine. In other machines works normally, but after few tryis of correct that I format my machine and it continues. Anyone know what I am doing wrong??

If I posted it in wrong section, forgive me. I am trying to get help. I opened a ticket and the Softomotive support person direct me to a person in my company, but from other team and country, and they never answered that e-mail. Is annoying everytime I need to add a control, I have to remove and move my license between machines. 


Anderson Nicácio



Not work


Hi!!! Anyone know this issue???



Hello Anderson,

Based on the screenshot that you have provided, the selector for the specific element is not empty.

The second selector is simply missing. 

In the latest build of WinAutomation, the way the default selectors are being generated has changed in order to improve speed and functionality. In many cases, the second selector would take longer to be created which could cause the "Add Control" feature to not work at all.

I assume that on your other machine you have a previous version of WinAutomation installed, which is why you see the difference in the selectors created for that element.

Finally, if the selector is failing to find the control, perhaps some modifications should be performed in order to create a more dynamic selector.

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