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Is it possible to pause and resume a job?

I'm designing a job1 that when I find a certain image, execute job2 and once it finishes, job2 is returned to where it stayed executing job1.

so far I can only run a job again


Hi there,

In the WinAutomation Actions category, you will find the "Start Process" action. This action allows you to start any WA Process, and also has an option to wait for the called process to complete before resuming, which seems to fit your description.

Hi, can I know if you are already working on adding the feature "pause" and "resume" a job ?.


I did not find your previous answer useful

job 1 executes and stops job 2, but when stopping job2 I lost my validations, to simulate pause and resume I had to create a global variable using a .TXT file that stores a number and depending on the number it goes to a label but still not It works as I want.


Hello Brandon, 

Regarding your inquiry, please note that you can simulate 'pause' using the 'Loop Condition' action.

You can customize your 'Loop Condition' to check a file, an active window, a Process and whatever you would like to monitor in order to resume.

You cannot 'force' a Process to 'pause' externally.

You can have the 'loop condition' in a short function to be executed every couple of other actions in order to initialize the 'pause' functionality for certain conditions.

I hope the above prove to be helpful.

If you use the concurency settings to only allow 1 process to run at a time this will stop job 1 from running when job2 is running - thus wont lose the variables.

either that, or have a look into "global variables" - if you set job2 variables as global they should (in theory) stay set when you move back after job1 has processed.  

personally, i go for the concurency settings and only allow 1 job to run at a time, but this will depend on your needs.

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