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Overwrite a Process using the WA Controller feature [Pro Plus edition only]


WA Controller feature has the import method where you can import .waj files to your WA database using the cmd, in a specific WA Console folder.(See help file)


However in case you will use a folder path where a Process with the same name already exists, your imported file will get an index number appended in it's name (2), (3) etc.


In case your intention is to replace the old Process with the new one, and since you cannot delete Processes from your WA database using the cmd, the attached Process will do it for you, ONLY when you run it using the WA Controller (cmd).


  • Import the attached Process in your WA Console 
  • Run Cmd 
  • Execute command: cd C:\Program Files\WinAutomation 
  • Execute example command: WinAutomationController /start "/My Processes/Folder/Overwrite a Process using WA Controller" "/My Processes/Folder/Process" "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Process.waj" 

Note that this Process will delete the old Process only when:

  1. The cmd argument path for .waj file is correct
  2. The 2 cmd arguments (Process path and File path) share the same name 
  3. The cmd argument path for Process is correct
  4. SQLite ODBC Driver is installed

Lastly note that this Process will not delete the old Process when you import a new Process with a different name but the same Process ID. In this case the imported Process will take the appended index and the old name as it will be recognized as already existing.

Careful how you use or re-configure this Process, as it deletes Processes from your Database. Always keep a backup of your Database file.


 some how its not working for me..

 its created as new waj file in same path


Hello Parthiban, 

Kindly note that i have provided 5 reasons that would justify this behavior. I think that you might be missing one of these points.

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