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parse gmail email

 how do I read the content of a gmail email which I have retrieved in winautomation?


Hello Paul,

Note that once you retrieve an email with WinAutomation, it is saved as a variable.

You can then use that variable to access certain properties of the email.

For example, lets say you use the "Retrieve Emails" action and you save the emails into the %RetrievedEmails% variable. Then, the %RetrievedEmails[0]% will contain the first retrieved email (if any).

In order to access the body of that email, you can refer to it using the syntax:


You can find all the available properties for a variable by double clicking on the value of that variable in the "Variables" pane within the Process Designer.

Specifically for the email variable, the available properties are:


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Thank you. I have done that but my email body has data like:

Windows id: u678999

password: qwerty

how do I split the above content to get the values on the right side of the delimiter (:) and store in an excel file?

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