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Server move

Is there an easy manner of switching Servers associated with your control desk and process studio?


Hello Raymond,

Each ProcessRobot installation consists of at least one PR Server. However, Horizontal PR scaling is also supported, which means that you can have a lot of servers working in parallel. In case the server capacity limit is reached, then the next server takes the rest of the load.

The above servers are configured during the installation of the product and the load balancing happens automatically. Hence, you are not able to define the server that is running. You can install and add your servers to the installation, and everything else happens automatically.

Hello Peter, Is the procedure to setup the Horizontal PR Scaling, described in help document or is there a document I can request thru a ticket to explain how to set this up ?

I believe we need detailed documentation how to implement this feature.


Feel free to check the following article

It has some basic information. However, for more detailed information you would need to consult with your IT department.

The original request for this was for instances that we have that separate a development from production environment or one customer environment from another.  If i'm accessing them from my laptop i have to go to the config file and update the server connection string each time i want to change environments since i cannot have multiple instances open connected to different environments ( although even that could be useful)


Hello Joseph,

I can understand your request. 

As of now, each PR installation is unique and we do not support switching PR servers. The PR client tools are supposed to communicate with a certain Server or group of Servers (in a Redis installation).

However, I will forward your request to Product so as to be considered for future implementations. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

Hi, this request is something we'd like as well, coupled with a shared license file amongst multiple servers if possible.

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