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How to reuse VBScript action Variable to another VBScript action variable

Hi All,

I would like to know if it's possible or not, upon trying and experimenting using the % variables, VBScript action will only use the values but you cannot insert values to it.

I want to achieve in my process is that:

I am doing a VBScript action and output its details to %VBScriptOutput%. (I am able to do that) 

then do some actions...

afterward, perform another VBScript action, however, I want to be able to use my variables from the earlier VBScript action, especially the object variables. 

Thanks :) 

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Hi Kontolefas,

Thank you for your reply, yes indeed I am able to retrieved "1" as the output for the VBScript. What supposed to be my requirement is that for other variables such as session variables, or connection variables which doesn't have string output to be triggered by WScript.Echo()?

Thanks! :) 


Hi Kirt,

Please keep in mind that all variables can be used in Script actions in the same way they would be used in an action.

A simple example would be to set a new variable as %NewVar% = 1, and then run the command "WScript.Echo(%NewVar%)" in the "Run VBScript" action. You should be able to retrieve "1" as the VBScript action output.

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