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Global Variables in WinAutomation

Usage of same variables across processes is not "natively" supported inside WinAutomation. However, one could implement the following:

- Use the Get/Set Environment variable action to effectively implement the global variables.

– Create a folder named "WinAutomationJobs" in my desktop folder, and I keep all the files needed or produced by WinAutomation in Subfolders of this folder. This way we have everything organized and know exactly where every job’s resources reside.

  Inside this folder there is a sub folder called resources and a text file called GlobalVariables.txt in it.

I have attached a sample job that retrieves a specific global variable from the text file (sample also attached).

Note: Place the sample files in the Desktop Folder.

Exported using WinAutomation v8.0.3.5190 Basic edition.

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