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Functions Library

As WinAutomation, and RPA in general, is oriented to solve repeatable tasks, there are many scenarios that use some similar processes, that could share functions. Currently, WinAutomation does not allow neither copy/import functions between Processes, nor generate modules/libraries for store functions that can be reused. Is there a way to walk around this? If not, is this kind of functionality being considered to be added? As last option, does it exists a way to implement this using internal functions of WinAutomation, i.e. programming an Add-on in a .Net language or similar.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you for your input Hector!

I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate department for evaluation and possible implementation in future versions of WinAutomation.

Dear Romanos.

I have observed that User Libraries (to store what is called User Actions) are available in the Enteprise solution ProcessRobots. Is Softmotive considering the extension of this functionality to WinAutomation? As the documentation for ProcessRobots states, this improves the compliance with designing principles (i.e. DRY).

Thank you in advance.


Hello Hector,

Please allow me to inform you that this exact feature you are suggesting - User Libraries for WinAutomation - is already under consideration for future implementations of WinAutomation.

Allow me to suggest that you follow the Announcements page on this forum; this way, you will be informed about the release of the newest versions and their improvements/new features.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Great suggestion Hector. I was just searching how i could re-use the same functions but in different processes rather than having to copy and past them from old process to new process (goes against eliminating redundencies - I'll lookout for annoucements). Thanks

This is a nice feature

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