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Check if a list contains an element


The attached process demonstrates two ways of searching a list to check if it contains a specific element.

  • The first way uses a loop to check all the elements in the list and an index variable to store the position of the element, if found.
  • The second way uses the "Parse Text" with a regular expression to search the given list.


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It's not working, i have list of 600 elements and  and i can't loop through each element because the size of the list may increase. i have used parse text and it's giving me the index of the element more than to size of the list.

I have attached sample data of 60+ record and i want o find the 5 element from last.

(817 Bytes)

parse the filecontents and grab the position directly.

see the screenshot.

(25.2 KB)

Oh, I forgot to say I'm considering all your references are the same lenght as the example you provided to avoid the iteration.

In a diferent case you will need to iterate the list.

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