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Pagination on web pages

It would be very helpful if I could extract data on webpages that have multiple webpage but not having "next page" button which is currently required for pagination.

Enable certain new features so that I could extract data from multiple webpages just having page no say " 1 2 3 4 5" and no of pages are unknown.


Hi Kenil,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Please keep in mind that, in order to automate a process, there must be some sort of standard series of steps to follow.

In case a pager element is not available, you could try to specify the different web pages in another way - by URL, for example. In any case, it is necessary to create steps by which the Process will be able to iterate through the required web pages.

Thanks admin for the reply.

In order to solve my problem i learned css selector and was able to solve it.But the entire process took couple of days. Would be happy if any such direct feature would be available inbuilt in the software.

Thanks once again for such an awsome tool.

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