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how i can set a limit

hi , im trying to learn this program .. don't know if its right to post her or not
i have a process part of it contain this

label g
wait for image
if image exist go to s
end if
label r
if image exist go to c
end if
label c
some action and go to label g
label s
its just image recognition using the image repository .. so its somehow a loop but i want to limit its run .. instead of label c keep sending back to label g forever can i make it run for 10 or 20 time only then go for other part of the process



As also mentioned in the reply to the relevant ticket you created, this can be achieved using Loop actions; more specifically, the Loop action itself allows you to execute a block of actions a specific number of times, which should resolve the issue you are facing here.

thx for reply , if i add the normal loop in label c i will get out of scope error , or if i loop the whole action label c some will keep sending to label g forever , i will follow your advice and keep testing , but it seem will never work , thx for reply
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