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Control Desk: Security Role Permission - Restrict Developer Role from Copy-Paste ( For Avoiding duplication of Scheduler Triggers)

Control Desk: New "Copy / Paste "Security Role Permission    

.....   To Restrict Developer Role from  "Copy-Paste"


.....   For Avoiding duplication of Scheduler Triggers, by a Developer Role.

1.  Currently:

Developer - Copies Process (Prod Stage) and Schedule-Triggers-SideBot Deployment Duplicates


..... After a Process has been moved to Production:

....  Next, if any Developer in Process Studio decides to copy/paste a process that is at Production Level into either the same folder and more frequently copies the Process to their Test Development folder - If the Process has a Schedule, Trigger or Deployed to SideBot




A)  The Schedule or Trigger is Duplicated.


B)  For SideBot - (2) Entries are now shown for the Process - The Production Folder one and the Developer's Dev Personal Folder one.

2.   Proposed  -  Feature Enhancement:

    (1)   Add a New - Copy / Paste - Role permission to roles in control desk of:  "copy / paste of process", under the Process Section in Roles.

Note:  Even when Role permission - "Copy / Paste of Processes" had been denied for a User (i.e. developer), the user must still be allowed-  to copy/paste between different processes via clipboard

.... They are only  not allowed - to copy / paste an entire process, at the process name level, between folders or same folder), when their Copy / Paste - Process - Role permission is set to Deny.
(They still should be allowed to copy/paste actions from / into existing processes)

  (2)  Additionally, enhance the History - Right click Check Out process option of "Save As a New Process" to allow you to Choose a Folder  (with a  dropdown of Process Studio - Folders to save the "Save As a New Process" into a Folder of the developer's choice (assuming his access is allowed to the folder).

.....  When the "Copy / Paste on Process" - Role permission has been set to Deny, for a developer., this forces the Developer to either use the current history option of "Check out" process  / edit process


 "Save as New Process" , to allow developer to effectively work with a copy of a process and this Option needs to ensure that this "copy" to a New process name, does not duplicate the production state of trigger.


.... Thus, the developer in this case (when "Copy / Paste - process" Role Permission has been set to Deny ) can only "Check Out" or "Save as New Process", both of which must not effect the "production state" ( not copy schedules, triggers or sidebot deployment).

.... Then, each company, if they wish, like mine, simply does *not* give copy/paste role permission to Developers, but only gives the Copy/ Paste - Permission to their Control Desk - Users.

.... This will easily give the best of all options, flexibility,  and only minor changes  needed to the overall existing process studio life cycle development design.

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of Process Robot.

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