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Transfer data from Excel to a web page


In order to transfer data from Microsoft Excel to any web page, we can use the Excel Actions in order to read the data of the Excel file and store them into a variable.

Thereafter, we can populate the corresponding fields of a web page or a 3rd party application using the Web Automation or the UI/Windows Actions respectively.

Τhe attached Process demonstrates the above. Put the attached Excel on your desktop and run the Process (works with Pro+ edition only).


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This is awesome. But I have a problem with a horrible site that have two input fields (a text and a file) with the same id but different name...


I want to fill the input file but the proccess always fill the input text and I got next error...


Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,


Go to control repository, right click on entry for your control, edit and check on the Name attribute of css. Try that.

can you share me a full video with these topics?

@RajaShekar PV

Thank you so much, you helped us big time. 

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