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Find and replace in Word Document using VBScript

The attached process* will find a certain word in the provided Word document, replace it with a different word and save the file with a different name in the same directory as the original file.

*Exported from WinAutomation version Basic edition


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I am wondering if this could be tweaked to fit my needs:

I have a word document which contains a table; the table pattern is not very consistent, I mean, on the left column, I have a cell which has five line items  (could call it a "merged cell") and on the next right column, in the same row with the "merged cell", I have  five rows.

One item in the "merged cell" is called "Product".

I want the WAJ to find the word "Product" in the table and write a given value in the corresponding row on the right.

I "Word", it would be like: Ctrl+F Product; Tab; Send Keys "a given value", actually this is how I have my WAJ now but most of the time the "given value" gets in the wrong position.

I am wondering if this could be handled through a VB Script.


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