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Conditional monitoring


Could be very useful to have a conditional monitoring of a folder.

Say.. if a certain condition is True, then,  I want to  start monitoring a folder for changes / added files / deleted files etc..; keep this monitoring "alive" until a certain new condition becomes "True".

Hello Alan,

Regarding your suggestion, are you referring to a new action to be used within a process or a new type of Trigger, similar to the "File Monitor Trigger"?

I was thinking about a "File Monitor Trigger" from within a process.

- For ex: my process created a new folder. I want that new folder to be monitored or,

I want to make an existing  folder monitored through the process.

- Also I want to be able to end the monitoring of a folder through the process.

Wondering if possible....


Thank you for the clarification.

Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate department for evaluation and possible implementation in future versions of our software.

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